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So, you just started your business, and you want to spread the word out there. However, you still think that your old phone directory will do its job. I am afraid to tell you — that thing reeks of age. We all have technology that makes our lives better, and why having a Google My Business helps your local business grow

About 60 percent of adults in the United States use smart devices to look for local businesses before purchasing a product. Here’s a question: will you waste your valuable time locating a company’s contact information in an old phone directory, or will you go to Google and perform a quick search?
Now let us switch sides. Think of the same situation, except from your point of view, as a company owner.

What do your buyers expect as they look for your business online? If they wish to look for your contact information, how easily will they get to it? They will want to know what products you have, food you serve, what other people have said. You have to ensure that these details are easily accessible to users.

I present to you Google My Business or GMB for short. This listing is Google’s solution to listing the operational details and offerings of businesses, ratings, articles, and more.
Having an optimized Google My Business helps by:

  1. Giving visibility to the local market.
  2. Improves the reputation of your business.
  3. Provides easy means of contact with potential customers.
  4. Exposure to potential new buyers.
  5. Access to GMB insights and statistics allowing you to make more informed business decisions.

Although much of this material is readily available on your website or at least it should be, Google My Business embeds the information you have on Google Search results and Google Maps.
This isn’t just an application to find simple details about your company. When used properly, GMB is a handy tool that will maximize your sales and offer helpful visibility to your clients.
This article will clarify the value of this useful platform and how Google My Business helps you in growing your local business.

Overview of Google My Business

Google My Business is a free-to-use company listing on Google, arguably the most prominent search engine in the world, placing businesses for several prospective buyers to see. Through GMB, you can create your listing and it will easily place your business on Google Maps. Similarly, there is a range of other big web directories for various industries. But these listings also come with rates, whether it be a monthly or an annual rate.

Your listing in the GMB offers prospective buyers quick access to useful information such as your business hours, contact information, webpage, offerings, reviews and directions at a single click on their smartphones or a computer, without paying a fee.

So how does Google My Business help your business?

1. Makes you more visible to the local market

google local search

86% of people searching local look at the local map pack results and click through on businesses as opposed to other areas in the Google search engine, and from those potential customers,70-80% of paid Google advertisements are completely ignored by users and go straight to organic results. So, these numbers prove that visibility is something that you should establish.

One of the most sought-after pros of a GMB profile is the visible space that you can see in search engine results. The GMB profiles are in the three-pack region that you can see in Maps. When you browse Google for businesses, the first 3 Google results are usually reserved solely for ads from Google Adwords, which are also described as paid advertisements. Then you can see three highlighted results on a map, and this is what the three-pack is. From there, you will see other relevant results.

Initially, the local three-pack was a chart of up to ten search results. Google changed it to three-pack to best support smartphone consumers who are always searching for close-up outcomes on a mobile device. You can find the Local three-pack on a highly accessible area on Google search results. The detail that shows in the three-pack of your business or company is your GMB listing.

Getting your GMB profile displayed in the 3-Pack search words that are of importance to your company will imply that you can tap into more potential sales as you have now made your business visible to all those searching for your local product or service. Because you don’t pay to advertise in this pack, the GMB listing is cheap relative to the paying advertisements that appear on top of Google search results.

However, if you optimize your GMB profile, you can make your business appear on top of results without paying a dime.

2. Improves your business reputation through GMB customer reviews

SEO consulting Pomona

Your customer reviews are the bread and butter of your company’s success. It is that simple. Positive reviews result in revenues, and the more pleasant feedback you have, the more profit you generate.
Aside from attracting potential customers, reviews can:

  • Raise awareness of your company brand
  • Improve web visibility and local SEO
  • Provides feedback loop from repeat clients, and
  • Boost click-through rates to your business website

No matter how big or small your company is, it is crucial to get acquainted with your buyer’s experience with your business.

3. Making use of the feature, Google My Business Messages

Google has also recently introduced a messaging tool that lets companies communicate directly with consumers who notice their GMB profile on the Google results tab. By using this feature, organizations would be able to address questions and assist existing and future clients in real time. You’ll have to use this function on your GMB dashboard to start accepting notifications.
Using the GMB messaging app boasts a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Full customization of your messages
  • Receive notifications.
  • Ability to respond to your customers quickly
  • Provide clients with your company information
  • Update your operating hours.
  • Add relevant photos of your business promotions.
  • Reply to customer reviews
  • Create content to drive organic traffic.

4. GMB helps to gain exposure to potential customers in the area

Another way Google my business helps is to render posts for potential exposure to customers in the area. Posts are the medium by which businesses may advertise deals, news, activities, product notifications, and releases. These notifications would surface on the search engine and Google Maps to include companies with yet more opportunities to stay in contact with future clients.
Aside from exposure to potential clients, a fully-optimized GMB profile is a lot better than traditional means of advertising in a couple of ways, which are:

  • More accessible to prospective buyers – Most of them use smartphones and other devices
  • Cost-effective – Creating a GMB listing is free of charge
  • Always updated – You can always go back to your GMB profile and edit any information that you need to update
  • Access to a lot of features – If you have the budget, you can go for a CPC campaign through your GMB listing.

5. Looking at the numbers through GMB Insights helps your business

As for every marketing campaign, it’s necessary to calculate the influence of your listing. GMB provides built-in software to assist you in knowing statistics that will tell you the overall performance of your business.

marketing decisions

So, what are the advantages of having access to your customer insights? These are as follows:

  • You will be able to create sound strategies on how you want to improve your customer engagement
  • You can see daily, weekly, and monthly traffic data on your website, which will tell you how your content performs
  • You can ramp up your business sales, as long as you take the valuable time studying the numbers.


Without a doubt, GMB is a powerful tool in establishing your digital presence as a business in the area. There are a lot of compelling ways of how Google My Business helps aspiring local business owners. Stay tuned as we make a post on how to make an optimized GMB profile for your business! Do you have any questions about how to implement a great GMB profile? Ask in the comments or join our facebook group and post any SEO or marketing questions you have regarding your business.

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