Google My Business

So, you just started your business, and you want to spread the word out there. However, you still think that your old phone directory will do its job. I am afraid to tell you — that thing reeks of age. We all have technology that makes our lives better, and why having a Google My Business helps your local business grow

About 60 percent of adults in the United States use smart devices to look for local businesses before purchasing a product. Here’s a question: will you waste your valuable time locating a company’s contact information in an old phone directory, or will you go to Google and perform a quick search?
Now let us switch sides. Think of the same situation, except from your point of view, as a company owner.

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The great thing about being a real estate agent is if you are ranked high on search engines, especially in the number one spot it can be very profitable. There are a lot of ways to get your real estate business ranked higher, but today I will share with you one method that is basically a guarantee to get you to the top. Care to find out? My SEO tip #3 for real estate agents is the golden ticket but, lets get through a couple things first. 

SEO audit template checklist

Ok it might sound a bit counter intuitive right? Hear me out. If you think having ONLY great SEO is going to be the magic bullet that gets you ahead of your competitors then you are seriously mistaken or whoever is making you that promise either doesn’t understand the way search engines work nowadays or they are trying to take your money. Either option well, sucks in the end for you. Getting the right SEO audit should make all of this clear. And a Great SEO audit will NOT be about SEO, at least only that is.