Inland Empire Landscapers SEO Case Study

Landscaping website built from top to bottom, to generating 10-15 high ticket leads per month

Client Overview

The Client:

Inland Empire Landscapers

Project Timeline:

January 2021 – August 2021



Project Goals:

Build new website, rank for main keywords, build leads


Home Improvement 

Services Provided

Local SEO, Content Creation, Website Development

Recap of our results

10-15 High ticket leads per month

We took the website from nothing to receiving double digit high ticket leads a month

$5,000-$7,500 in lead revenue potential

With a conservative estimate at $500 for each project

22 % conversion rate

We took the website from nothing to receiving double digit high ticket leads a month

Before work Performance Recap





No Web Presence

The Challenge was built from the ground up by Max Made Marketing. This required a fully functioning website to be designed and built as well as an SEO strategy to be formulated and executed. The purpose of the website is to generate leads for the landscaping industry in a specific region of Southern California. 

The landscaping industry can be very competitive with each lead potentially bringing in thousands of dollars of revenue. Given that there are hundreds of landscapers in the region it was important to have a highly effective SEO strategy that would allow the website to rank for high converting keywords as well as location specific keywords to help rank locally. 

The Strategy

It was important to develop the website to target locations and landscaping keywords that had a decent amount of search traffic that was also being under utilized by the competition. The website was to target landscaping related keywords in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. In order to rank for searches related to landscaping services in the Inland Empire we implemented a robust SEO strategy with key focuses on the following:

  1. Build out website and content with keyword targeted service pages
  2. Structure pages with main purpose of generating leads
  3. Interlink the websites with optimized anchor text links
  4. Optimize the title tags and meta descriptions to target intended keywords 
  5. Add call to actions on the website in higher converting locations 
  6. Create and optimize Google My Business profile 
  7. Add relevant services to GMB profile
  8. Create service, keyword, and location targeted posts to be posted on a regular basis linking back to website
  9. Targeted press release
  10. Google stacking properties for added backlink strength

The Results

Inland Empire Landscapers primary focus was to generate quality leads for landscaping services. Each lead is potentially thousands in revenue so we wanted to focus more on leads and conversions as opposed to robust traffic numbers. Below are two key metrics.

-The conversion rate is the percentage of people who visited the website that ended up either filling out a contact form or making a call to Inland Empire Landscapers. 

-If we average every lead to be $500 (which is quite modest for the landscaping industry) that is roughly $5,000 – $7,500 per month in income.  

Avg. Potential Income per month

$5,000 - $,7500

Conversion Rate


Quality Leads Per Month


Leads Generated


Keyword Rankings In Local Area


Rankings 6/1/2021

Landscaping inland empire 


Landscapers in my area


Landscapers near me


Landscape designer near me 


(From Google Search Console)

search console keyword rankings

Search growth since website launch

SEO landscaping results

Become a Max Made Marketing Success story

At the end of the day it’s not really about rankings, but about conversions and income. Any good SEO strategy doesn’t just try to grow traffic to a website, but to attract the right traffic that is more likely to convert into a customer. Inland Empire Landscapers was unique in that there were a couple different options to go for when targeting locations with the one with the largest search volumes and competitor gap being chosen. SEO is a long ball game and one which will be ongoing for Inland Empire Landscapers, but the progress made in 6 months has been great thanks to a well strategized game plan. Contact us to get the right SEO strategy for your business.