Next Level Tech SEO Case Study

From 1 keyword in the top 100 to 6 Keywords in position 1

IT services SEO case study

Client Overview

The Client:

Project Timeline:

April 2021



Project Goals:

Build out new home page and service pages, Improve rankings for main keywords, increase leads


Information Technology

Services Provided

Local SEO, Content Creation, Website Development

Recap of our results

6 keywords ranked 1

We took no keywords in the top 10 to having 6 target keywords in first position 

+10 new organic leads

After only a month of work we started generating double digit organic leads

before work Performance Recap


Ranked Keyword


Organic Leads

The Challenge

Next Level Tech was struggling to rank for any of the main keywords and was losing out on potential leads in the competitive IT services industry locally. The website was fairly new and was very limited in terms of foundational content and any comprehensive SEO strategy. The client had a limited budget to work with so it was decided to focus on getting a strong foundation in order for the website in terms of the right foundational content and SEO which could be built further on down the line. Even with a limited budget we were able to make great progress from where the website stood before.

The Strategy

  1. Create pages and content targeting the main service keywords which included the following:
    • New home page build out with new content
    • Pages and content built for all main services offered
  2. Interlink the websites with optimized anchor text links
  3. Optimize the title tags and meta descriptions to target intended keywords
  4. Add call to actions on the website in higher converting locations
  5. Create 50 business citations on relevant directories
  6. Create and optimize Google My Business profile
  7. Review generation for the Google My Business profile
keyword rankings
Rankings Positions
impressions increase with SEO
Google Search Console Impressions & Clicks

Two examples of position 1 rankings in organic and Google Map Pack results

The Results

Ranking/Traffic/impressions increase

We were able to take the website from only having one target keyword in the top 100 positions in search results to having 6 main keywords ranking number 1 in the local map pack or organic results and 26 target keywords ranking.

Target Keywords Ranked

Increase in Organic Leads

Before the SEO implementations there was little to no organic leads coming in via the website and GMB listing. After a couple months the website and listing have received 10+ new organic leads.

+ 0
New Leads

What This Means For Your Brand

It’s important to build a strong foundation. Oftentimes there are gaps in the competition to capitalize on by building out a thorough website with a strong SEO foundation. It’s not always necessary to have a dedicated backlink or blog strategy. Whether you are building a house or a website, any successful build starts with a strong foundation. Build out all of the necessary pages to target keywords and provide valuable information to your visitors, implement concrete fundamentals both onpage and off page, and continue to keep your website updated and active on your GMB profile. If this is something you believe your business could benefit from, contact Max Made Marketing and let us help you get the traffic AND conversions you are missing out on.