VIVID Lighting Services SEO Case Study

Lighting Company website built from top to bottom, to generating 30+ leads per month

Client Overview

The Client:

VIVID Lighting Services

Project Timeline:

July 2021 – December 2021



Project Goals:

Build new website, rank for main keywords, build leads


Lighting/Holiday Lighting 

Services Provided

Local SEO, Content Creation, Website Development

Recap of our results

30+ leads per month

We took the website from nothing to receiving double digit high ticket leads a month

Ranked Keywords

We went from no keyword rankings to 57 ranked and 3 in the position 1 in less than 5 months

11.24 % website lead conversion rate

More than 10% of people who visited the website solicited lighting services 

Before work Performance Recap


Website Driven Leads


Keywords Ranked

No Website Presence

The Challenge

The company had now website and was going through a rebrand. was built from the ground up by Max Made Marketing. This required a fully functioning modern website design and build as well as a local SEO strategy to be formulated and executed. The purpose of the website is to generate leads for lighting services with a focus on holiday lighting in the Los Angeles and Inland Empire area of Southern California. It was crucial for us to have the website up and ranking well for important keywords for the few months prior to the holiday season.

Working with the client we understood it was important to leverage other platforms other than the website and Google Business profile to generate leads. Yelp was a primary focus which we created, optimized, and cross linked with the website. 


The Strategy

It was important to structure the website to target multiple locations in the Los Angeles area as well as dedicated service pages targeting important keywords. We built the website with this strategy in mind and implemented a robust SEO strategy with key focuses on the following:

  1. Build out website and content with keyword targeted service and location pages
  2. Structure pages with main purpose of educating users on service offerings and generating leads
  3. Interlink the websites with optimized anchor text links
  4. Optimize the title tags and meta descriptions to target intended keywords 
  5. Add call to actions on the website in higher converting locations 
  6. Create and optimize a Yelp listing
  7. Rebrand and optimize Google Business Profile 
  8. Add relevant services to GMB profile
  9. Create service, keyword, and location targeted GPB posts to be posted on a regular basis linking back to website

The Results

Generating leads for lighting/holiday lighting installations was the primary objective of the campaign. Starting from scratch with a brand new website lends its own challenges when trying to rank for important keywords in a short period of time. Utilizing and optimizing multiple platforms (website, GPB, Yelp) allowed us to capture a substantial amount of leads in a short period of time. We ended up generating far more leads than the business was actually able to manage. Not bad for a short time frame. 

Below is a breakdown of leads and the channels by month. As well as important rankings we attained.

Leads Generated During campaign

Leads generated for vivid lighting services

Important Keywords Ranking 1

Position 1 in Google Map Pack

Google Map Pack Rank 1

Featured Snippet for Important Keyword

Featured Snippet

Search growth during campaign

(From Google Search Console)

Google Search Console growth

Want to become a Max Made Marketing Success story?

It’s important to understand a business and how its market searches for related services. When you know where and how to target it makes a successful SEO campaign all the more likely. While the competition wasn’t as stiff as other campaigns we embarked on, it was key to build a modern and effective website that was able to garner leads in a large region of Southern California in a short period of time. Thanks to a solid website build and SEO campaign we started seeing results after the first month of a brand new website being live. In fact the company was receiving far too many leads to take on! We like to think of it as a good problem to have. Does your business struggle with their online presence or need a new website that does the marketing for you? Let’s work together!