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What SEO Does For Your Business in Claremont CA

No longer is digital marketing a simple game of littering your website with the keywords you want to rank for. Fortunately, now for those of us who use search engines like Google to get information we need or products we are looking to buy we get much better quality results. Search engines have become much better at what they are supposed to do; give the most relevant quality results to whatever the person is searching for. Whether you you have a business in Claremont CA or anywhere else, this is what needs to be tapped into to have a successful website that ranks high in search results, attracts traffic, and drives conversions online or to your local establishment.

All of this is accomplished through a well thought out and implemented SEO and digital marketing strategy. At Max Made Marketing we put into practice the most effective strategies to take your website to the next level. Our SEO services are top to bottom pushing your website ahead of the local competition in Claremont CA or beyond. 

Our SEO Services in Claremont CA

Local SEO

If you aren’t powering your website with a well executed local SEO strategy you can be sure your local competition in Claremont CA certainly is. That means your competition is getting the revenue that you could by attracting more organic traffic. A large number of people make a search online for a local product or service before making a decision. Our local SEO services power your website to outrank the competition for when people are making local searches related to your business to drive traffic & conversions. 

SEO Audit

In order to understand where your website is at and/or construct the right SEO strategy for you we perform a thorough SEO audit. We take a deep dive into your website to diagnose what issues are present, and what things might be working well and could be furthered. Next we get into competitive research to determine where the local competition in Claremont CA stands and what strategies we need to implement to outperform them. Following that we tackle the all important keyword research to determine what search terms we need to to structure the website around to attract quality traffic that converts. Finally based on all the information compiled we create an SEO strategy/roadmap to move forward and bring your business results.  

Google My Business

Google My Business has become such an effective tool for local business’ its imperative to optimize and manage it. If someone searches for “SEO services Claremont CA” the top three local organic results appear under a map near the top in something that is referred to as the “local map pack”. Many people find the information they are looking for on a local product or service here so its important to rank in these top three positions for important keywords. We implement strategies that push your business to rank in the local map pack for the most important search terms.

SEO Consulting

Sometimes a bit of guidance from a professional is what you need. We offer a custom SEO consulting service to help steer your strategy in the right direction. 

Why Choose our Claremont CA SEO Solutions

The simple truth is there are a ton of resources and SEO services providers out there to help you with SEO. It is also true that many of those out there offering services or tools simply don’t cut it or miss the point of what SEO is about in the first place. Many misconstrue the goal of SEO as to rank #1. What does ranking #1 matter if you aren’t getting conversions and revenue? At Max Made Marketing we understand that the bottom line is what matters for business, not rankings and keywords. 

At the end of the day our profits come second to how our clients feel about the work we have done for them. Your business is a means of living as opposed to an arbitrary dollar amount. Our clients matter deeply to us and because of that we do what we can to make the extra effort for them. 

Claremont CA Local SEO tips.

This is a short video with some helpful tips to optimize your Google My Business Profile. Ranking high in the local map pack can be a game changer in terms of generating more revenue for your local business. Keep in mind these are just a few tips to help you out, but you should always implement a well though out strategy to dominate the local search results. 


Hello everyone my name is Max from Max Made Marketing and SEO services. I am a Claremont California native,  born and raised in the area. Today I’m actually going to be focusing on some SEO tips I have for you guys to help you rank your local businesses in Claremont, and some just general good SEO practices having to do with your Google My Business profile. So let’s go ahead and jump into those. 


Now the first thing I want to cover is getting those photos that are the inside and outside photos of your business’s location. So let’s just say hypothetically you’re a home inspection business on Indian Hill and Foothill Boulevard. You want to make sure that you have photos inside your office, I would say maybe around three to five is great, and then also maybe come outside on the street maybe on Foothill or Indian Hill, and then take a photo of, a few photos maybe three to five of your location. This helps build legitimacy to google to actually verify even further that you have a physical location which you have registered.


Something that also helps with these photos as well is geo tagging your photos and that’s basically just putting some coordinate tags to your photos before uploading them to GMB. There are free tools to do this. I use something called Geoimgr.

 Now what this does, so let’s say that you are like this home inspection business in Claremont and obviously you’re not just conducting business in Claremont. Maybe you’re in LaVerne doing home inspections as well as Upland or Ontario, just anywhere in the surrounding area. If you go and take pictures at these locations where you’re doing the home inspections it helps build your relevancy to the whole area as opposed to just being where your business location is. 

If you can geotag those images that said oh I conducted this work in this area, it can help to build the proximity for which you service. This is a good SEO practice to utilize for your Google My Business profile.


Next would be to make GMB posts for each service and or product or menu item if you’re a restaurant, as well as the location with links back to the pages on your website which are relevant to that specific post. For example what you want to do is, I’m obviously an SEO services business so I want to make posts based on my specific seo services that I do offer. Now one of them as I’m covering right now is Google My Business, so I made a post about doing the google my business service. What we want to do when we make that post is that we put up the photo which maybe if you’re doing it in a specific location

you want to geotag that photo with the location that you’re going after. So we want to make sure that we get that keyword in there that is relevant to our service that we’re talking about. In this instance it’s a google my business service so I would put something like google my business service and then the

location which is Claremont California which helps to get those keywords and locations in there relevant to this post. Then I’m going to put a link to the specific web page that talks about my google my business service that I offer. We want to do that for each of our products and services and, the locations that we do them in. 

Going back to the painter that’s on Indian Hill and Foothill if you’re offering, or excuse me the home inspection services on Indian Hill and Foothill, now let’s say you do also services in Ontario so you’ll want to create a home inspection services Ontario specific post. So maybe somebody is searching for that service  in that area you are more likely to show up for those results because you’re showing that you’re relevant and you’re in the proximity to the area of giving that service as opposed to just around Indian Hill and Foothill in Claremont. Also we want to make sure that we also add a picture to each service, product, and location with the appropriate keyword. 

Going into the post we also want to do this with our photos as well. We upload all of our photos her and for each service product or menu item we want to make sure that we have a relevant photo to that with the appropriate keyword. 


Something that’s often overlooked on the google my business profile is the FAQ section. On my google my business profile as an example there’s this questions and answers section. This is a great way to answer the common questions that you get from prospective clients or customers because this is something that’s searched a bit obviously. If we go ahead and get those up there we can make sure that we get the right keywords in there as well as providing information that is valuable to the people who need it. It’s a tool that’s or a feature that’s often overlooked and can help you be more relevant for specific search searches done locally that are relevant to your business.

It’s a good SEO strategy to utilize that question and answer section and it’s okay to even ask the questions yourself on the profile and then answer them. It already provides a bit of a foundation of questions and answers that are common to your business.


Here are some of the more obvious, but important ones.

 Continue building reviews and responding to them. Many businesses neglect the responding part, however this is a good signal to google. It’s good SEO practice. It will help boost your SEO if you’re responding to them because it shows that you’re a legitimate business, that you’re an active business owner or employee. It builds relevancy and confidence to search engines so it does help boost your SEO. For getting good reviews as well as responding to them, and even if they’re bad reviews respond to them which helps as well and it will

help to maybe  change that review in the future to a better one if you reach out to those people who maybe weren’t as happy. 


Also just be regular and consistent with your posts and your photos, and utilizing the tips that I gave you beforehand. The more you stay relevant consistent with it the better signal that is to google. This will help you rank higher in the Claremont California area for your business if you put these SEO strategies into practice. 


As always if you have any questions feel free to reach out anytime, but in the meantime all the best and take care.


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