The great thing about being a real estate agent is if you are ranked high on search engines, especially in the number one spot it can be very profitable. There are a lot of ways to get your real estate business ranked higher, but today I will share with you one method that is basically a guarantee to get you to the top. Care to find out? My SEO tip #3 for real estate agents is the golden ticket but, lets get through a couple things first. 

SEO tip #1: You have to get that foundational SEO in order

You need to have your foundational SEO taken care of before you build anything on top of it. Seems straightforward enough right? Here is a list of the foundational stuff I like to make sure is good to go, which if you want a more detailed list and roadmap of everything, you can get it for free in the FREE SEO resources section on the website.

  • Google Search Console is setup
  • Bing Search Console is setup
  • Google Analytics is setup
  • Technical SEO 
  • Duplicate Content
  • Web Design
  • Page Speed
  • Indexation
  • Citations
  • Site Architecture
  • Schema Markup/Open Graph Data
  • Google My Business
  • If you are using WordPress we make sure you have the right set of plugins installed to boost and manage your SEO

A note to make here is that some of these items on the list only make sense to optimize if you have the right pages on your website up with the right content. Let’s say you have a home page, about page, and services page, but they are really weak and the content is garbage. There is no point in optimizing meta tags and internally linking pages if you are going to redo them and add more pages. 

SEO tip #2: Get the RIGHT keywords.

If you are thinking only to put keyword+brand name+location in your title tags and that is going to do it for you then you aren’t going to get very far. Think about your customer. What types of things are they searching for when they are thinking to buy or sell their home? I can guarantee its not just “real estate agent in city X”. 

Use free keyword research tools like Ubersuggest or googles keyword planner. Or better yet I have a list of a bunch of different resources for you to do keyword research on my SEO audit template and the list of SEO resources below. Look into the sort of questions they are looking into on platforms like reddit or quora or at the bottom of googles search results page or question box. 

SEO keyword tips for real estate agents

Then use the keyword research tools to check how difficult it is to rank for those keywords and to check for variations of them. I recently made a post on my Instagram page @maxmademarketing for a few easy keyword questions to rank for. Check to see how the other real estate agents are going after keywords. Maybe there are some they are missing or might be easy to take away from them with better content. Start developing your content strategy around this.

SEO Tip #3: This Is How To Outrank The Other Real Estate Agents In Your Area

Think about it, if someone is looking for a real estate agent what is the thing that they will see on searches that will probably stand out most to them? I’ll give you a hint, it is NOT meta tags. 

They want to see REVIEWS! 

A lot of them and good ones. Seems obvious right? A lot of SEOs out there try to sell you on getting your foundational SEO and getting you on your way. But that’s not how people work and especially in the area of searching for a real estate agent. They want confidence in something as big as making a decision in buying and selling a home, but you know that. 

The great thing about building reviews is it has a positive effect on Google’s ranking algorithm AND its a positive signal directly to the buyer. 

So now you are probably thinking how do I build those reviews without having to help sell or buy a home?

This is where that good keyword research and developing a solid content strategy comes in. Create the right content to build your audience. The right content will give value to those seeking real estate information. Use multiple platforms for your content. Get the word out there! Build that audience and when you provide them value they are much more likely to repay you (likes, comments, reviews, engagement!). Your audience is key to building those reviews. 

If you want more information on how to go about doing this contact TODAY.

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