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Perform Your Own SEO Audit With This SEO Audit Checklist And Free SEO Resources List

If you have some background SEO knowledge and/or have the time then this is for you. With this SEO Audit Template and SEO Resources List you can save some money and perform your own SEO audit. At Max Made Marketing we are happy to help you become an SEO pro yourself! This template is a thorough checklist which will provide the foundational understanding of how your website is doing not only from an SEO standpoint, but online marketing in general. You will be able to take the very important first steps of developing a successful and profitable digital marketing strategy. If you should have any questions about the audit template or general inquires please feel free to Contact Us at anytime. If you need any help with SEO implementations you can visit our services page

The 9 Most Used Free SEO resources to get you started

When it comes to optimizing your website there are a ton of tools out there to help guide you and more over there are a lot of quality free SEO resources at your disposal. Keep in mind there are both paid and non paid options to a lot of these, but you can get plenty done with the free versions. Here is a list of the SEO tools I (Max) use the most often when working on my websites as well as my clients. 

1. Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Ok yes this is two tools, but I will put these together as these are fundamental free tools provided by google that should be setup on EVERY website. Search Console is great for determining how your website is performing in search results and how people are search for your website. Google Analytics is great for getting metrics on users and how they interact with your website. These two are important and why I have them at the top of my free SEO audit template

2. Google Keyword planner

This is another great SEO resource for conducting keyword research. You will need to create a google ad as its part of the Google Ads platform to access the tool however you do not need to make the ad live so don’t worry about paying for anything. 

3. Google trends

Ok there is a bit of theme here with Google related tools, but being the largest search engine they want to be sure it stays that way by providing free SEO resources to its users. Google Trends also helps with keyword research and shows the search trends for terms during specific time periods. Great for planning when to publish content. 

4. Moz

Moz is a wonderful and robust SEO resource with many free tools. I use mainly for checking domain and page authority, backlink reviews, and citation resources. This is a tool used in every SEO audit conducted. 

5. Semrush

This is the one tool I actually pay for, but there are many things you can use on here for free. If you are just using it for your own website then you can get away with much of the free version. This provides all kinds of resources for keyword research, website tracking, backlink metrics, website metrics, competitor analysis, and a host of other useful tools. Check out SEMrush.

6. Screaming frog

Screaming Frog is a great tool to provide you with a lot of specific information about your website and the individual pages. This is a great resource to weed out the detailed issues with your website such as missing tags, duplicate content and a LOT of other specifics. This is a free SEO resource for up to 500 URLs

7. Answer the public

Answer The Public is a fantastic website for keyword research. You can put in any keyword of interest and it will spit out all kinds of search information around the topic including an A to Z listing of how the keyword id being searched, questions people ask surrounding the topic, the ways in which people are asking, and a lot of other great info. This is a must use when looking for content ideas. 

8. page speed insights, pingdom, gtmetrix,

Simply put these three tools page speed insights, pingdomgtmetrix, Experte provide page speed results for your pages. There is one important distinction between Experte and the others and that is that Experte will to speed tests for all the URLs on your site at once as opposed to having to do speed tests for each page individually making it a great tool. The tools also provide info on how to go about fixing any issues. These are going to become even more and more important. Google and other search engines continue to update their algorithms focusing more heavily on page performance and user experience. 

9. siteliner and copy scape

These free SEO tools are great for finding duplicate content. Siteliner is for finding internal duplicates and Copyscape for external duplicates. 

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it is a solid list for free SEO resources to get you going. You can find a more robust list of SEO resources on the free SEO audit template above. 

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