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What Comes With The Custom SEO Consulting Service

If you have the time to tackle some SEO yourself or have the staff to then this might just be the option for you. Ideally having at least some background knowledge in SEO would be beneficial with this service however, time will be taken to make sure everything is as clear as possible for you to take what is discussed and begin implementing it with confidence. 

We start our SEO consulting before the actual meeting takes place with A FREE Phase One SEO Audit

custom seo consulting service

The audit will be performed before hand with at least 1 hour of custom consulting services purchased. There will be time spent breaking down the issues faced on your website uncovered by the audit. Any questions or concerns of yours can be covered and worked through. An SEO roadmap and strategy will be covered. A summation of what we covered will also be given after consulting so you have everything down on paper. It is also encouraged to download the FREE SEO Audit Template and Resources List

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Custom SEO Consulting?




Getting the custom SEO consulting service gives you a bit of flexibility. While it is true there are a lot of resources to guide you it helps to discuss with a professional to really put everything together. Advice and information is tailored to you and your website. SEO consulting provides a step by step walk through of the issues and strategies. This helps to provide a more clear path to optimizing your website and growing your online presence getting you the results you want.