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It can be said that having poor web design and an overall lackluster website is like having a business and keeping it a secret. It is increasingly the first point of contact any potential customer has with your business. When you have a lackluster presence online that means potential new customers cannot find your business, and you are quite literally handing the competition your potential revenue. 

In a competitive environment where everyone is vying for customers it is crucial that you stand out amongst the crowd. This all starts with the first impression someone has with your business, your website. At Max Made Marketing whether you are in Claremont CA, or across the country we build you a website that not only conveys that you are the industry leader amongst your competition, but builds your online presence, and drives leads to your business. 

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What We Do

We design and build professional websites utilizing WordPress and the Elementor for small and medium sized businesses. Our web development services focus on comprehensively representing your business and its offerings while constructing it with an elegant, visually appealing, and responsive design. Along with having a professional looking website it doesn’t do much if it’s not performing well in terms of online visibility on search engines. This is where we leverage our expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure you not only have a polished looking website, but one that ranks well against the competition meaning more traffic and customers for your business.

A Poor website means Your Business is missing out

Here are a few common problem that arise from outdated, bad web design, or poorly managed websites

  1. Your website isn’t even showing up when people are searching for your related product or service. If they can’t even find you then there is no chance of getting that business
  2. People come to your website, but it is slow and/or unprofessional looking. No one wants to buy things from a business that doesn’t seem to care how it looks or functions. A website is where that first impression will come from. 
  3. Your website has a poor design/layout and is confusing to navigate. If people can’t find what they are looking for quickly they are not going to stick around. Simple as that. 

A well thought out and elegant website along with a strong SEO strategy takes care of all of that, and that’s where we come in. A strong online presence with a website that represents the quality you provide means more traffic, more conversions, and more revenue.




Our Website Design & Development Process

From beginning to end we want to make YOUR vision come to life

Initial meeting

This is where we have our initial discussion to understand your business and the goals you have and want to achieve with your website.

Website audit

 If you currently have an existing website we get into the nuts and bolts of it to see where it currently stands as well as how and why it is performing the way it is.

Strategy plan

We devise the strategy on how we are going to structure and build out the website to achieve the specified goals. We also create the structure of your website page by page with a tentative sitemap to make sure we are covering all bases of your business and the keywords we want to target.

Page outlines and content

This is where content development begins. We create outlines of beach page and all the content sections that should be on the page for it to be informational for the visitors and effective in soliciting leads

Design And Revisions

Based on your preferences and brand we design the core pages. We then review the designs and revise.

Begin Web development

Now we get the content on the page and build out the page with an attractive, responsive, and user friendly design.

Feedback and make alterations

Once the initial pages are built we want to get your feedback of things you don’t like and do and make any alterations

Finalize and push live

Everything is finished and we push the pages live and let the website do its magic.

Who Our WordPress Website Builds Are For

Our web design and development services are not for everyone. We focus on developing websites for small to medium sized businesses who provide services in specific locations. These include businesses such as:

  • Home improvement/repair service providers
  • Lawyers 
  • Dentists 
  • Doctors 
  • Auto services 
  • Venues
  • Information Technology (IT) services 
  • Marketing firms
  • Audio recording/filming studios

If your business falls outside of these parameters feel free to contact us anyways and provide the specifics of your business. 

Our Recent Web Design & Development Projects

Here are some of the recent websites we completed