Individual Services & SEO optimizations

Choose the optimizations that are right for you

Technical SEO Fixes

These are the foundational SEO issues surrounding your site. You wouldn’t want to build something on top of a broken or flimsy foundation would you? It is important to make sure that what is already there is optimized so you have something solid to build on top of. We will make sure everything is in order from a technical SEO standpoint on your site.

Citation Building

Citations are any mentions of your business’s Name, Address, or Phone Number (NAP). A part of building credibility with search engines is having your NAP listed on credible authoritative sites on the internet. This signals to Google and other search engines that your website is more credible itself and thus improves your visibility/rankings. We get credible citations for your website so you don’t have to waste valuable time getting each individual citation yourself. 

Keyword Research

There are several ways to conduct keyword research. Some methods better than others, but the wrong research can send your website down the wrong path. We utilize a combination of competitor analysis to determine the gaps and vulnerabilities in keywords being ranked for or potentially not ranked for at all. We also conduct industry research into what users are searching for when it comes to the type of product or service you offer. Then we determine which search keywords are the ones being searched by people who might be the more likely user to not just visit your site, but opt-in and convert to a customer. 

Page speed optimization

If your page is being bogged down and slow to load it has a negative effect on two fronts. First off search engines will rank you lower as slow loading times is a negative SEO signal. Second users to your site will be frustrated and leave your page leading to high bounce rates (also another negative SEO signal to search engines). We will make sure your higher traffic pages are up to optimized speeds. 

click through rate optimization

We pair our keyword research with click through rate optimization to determine what keywords should be used for each page to optimize. It is important to choose the right keyword that represents what that pages real purpose is then using the appropriate qualifier to drive traffic through. Your top 10 trafficked pages are what we tend to focus on. So do keep in mind this service works best if you already have some traffic to your website. 

content strategy

A good content creation strategy is coupled with good keyword research and that is why we pair these things together. When you create good content around a targeted keyword this is one of the strongest ways to signal to Google and other search engines that your page is what the user is searching for. A great SEO campaign and a strong content strategy go hand in hand.