The ADR Room Vancouver SEO Case Study

Increased organic traffic by 176.19% & From 0 new organic leads to over 30

Client Overview

The Client:

Project Timeline:

September 2020-October 2020



Project Goals:

Outrank top two key competitors for most/all main keywords, grow new organic conversions 


Audio Recording for TV and Film

Services Provided

Local SEO, Content Creation

Recap of our results

9 target keywords in top 3

We went from 1 keyword in the top 3 positions to 9 keywords in the top 3 positions 

+30 new organic leads

The company was struggling to get new customers. After a few months there were over 30 organic leads in this hyper niche market

176% increase in organic search traffic

We nearly tripled the organic search traffic within a few months 

before work Performance Recap


Ranked Keyword


Organic Leads

The Challenge

The ADR Room Vancouver had a specific set of goals when they reached out to us. The interesting aspect of this client is they work within the highly specific niche of audio post production recording for high level film and and television productions which are being shot in Vancouver. Not to mention their recording studio is mobile. Given that related searches are low but often high ticket clients it was ever more important to rank in the top positions for the most relevant keywords

While The ADR Room Vancouver was doing a good job retaining their current clients thanks to their quality work they were simply losing out on attracting new clients as the other two main competitors were outranking ADR Room for virtually all of their main keywords. 

When initially discussing the problem and goals of the ADR Room the question was asked, “What are the main issues and goals you are looking to overcome and achieve?” The client’s response, “Attract new clients organically as we currently attract little to no new clients. We for the most part work only with returning clients.” The problem to solve was very clear, we needed to outrank the competition for the main service/converting keywords to attract the organic traffic that these top 2 main competitors were taking. When this is achieved we can expect to begin to acquire new leads and conversions from the relevant search queries. 

The Strategy

There are some main focus points that were clearly holding the website back from outranking the competition and attracting organic traffic and conversions. Here are the key points we focused most of the effort on to achieve the intended goals:

  1. Create pages and content targeting the main service keywords
  2. Interlink the websites with optimized anchor text links
  3. Optimize the title tags and meta descriptions to target intended keywords 
  4. Add call to actions on the website in higher converting locations 
  5. Create 50 business citations on relevant directories
  6. Create and optimize Google My Business profile 
  7. Begin a review generation strategy for the Google My Business profile 

The Results

Increased Organic Leads from 0 to 30+

While this may sound like a low number it is actually a large portion of potential leads in a niche which is primarily top level film and television productions.

Important SEO metrics to focus on Related to clients goals After The SEO campaign

Target Keywords In Top 3


New Organic Leads


Keyword Rankings

We not only were able to rank in position 1 for the primary keywords, but were also able to rank in the top three spots for additional keywords.


mobile ADR Vancouver
mobile recording studio
ADR Vancouver
ADR studio Vancouver
remote ADR
ADR recording Vancouver
Mobile sound studio
ADR for TV Vancouver
ADR for film Vancouver

Rankings August 2020


Rankings May 2021


Traffic/page views increase

Organic Search traffic increased by 176.19%

Google Seach Console Impressions and Clicks

Become a Max Made Marketing Success story

As we mentioned before this client was in a unique market niche that made ranking in the top position for intended keywords and every visit to the website that much more important. At the end of the day implementing the latest battle tested local SEO strategies allowed us and the client to achieve the goal of ranking in the top positions for a number of the target keywords. Whether you have a million visits per month or 50 with high ticket potential, an effective SEO strategy will drive home the results.